When it comes to materials and quality we do not accept compromises – this is one of our concepts that we strictly follows in the production. Therefore we only work with the best qualities available. All Carlo A ties is hand sorted in Denmark before shipment and packed in elegant gift boxes.

We have high requirements to our suppliers and to the materials used in the production. We believe that through teamwork with our partners and with society and through a set of guiding principles, we can ensure a sustainable development that respects the environment today and tomorrow.

The Carlo A quality it is all about details. The necktie that we know today is one the oldest accessories in the men’s fashion. We believe that it is the small things that make a big difference. But do you know how to define a Carlo A quality tie?

The Carlo A logo

The most obvious and recognizable thing of our ties is the logo. All Carlo A ties are branded with a matching logo depicts the silhouette of a stag – the majesty of the deer family - as symbol of high rank, class and good style. A great source of inspiration to this noticeable tie logo is universally based around the American TV show Mad Men. Here are men and women always dressed to perfection and the men are often wearing exclusive ties.

The Envelope

The envelope, also known as the shell is the outer fabric of the tie. The material is very important. When a tie is made from higher quality material, it will give you a superior knot and a perfect finish. Therefor we only work with the best qualities available. For example all our silk ties are made of 100% pure silk. All Carlo A ties are cut at a 45 degree angle, which ensure the flexibility and help it stays wrinkle-free.

Neck & Body

The “neck” is the middle section the tie. This narrow part has to be tied around your neck and coved by the collar. The interlining is what constitutes the “body” of the ties. If the envelope’s material is made of for example silk it will need a robust fabric inside, on which the envelope is folded over. This interlining helps create and maintain the shape of the tie and adds extra bulk and weight. It will also help shake out creases after it has been worn. A properly weighted interlining will give the tie a luxurious feel and a nice rich knot. The edge of the tie is hand rolled and carefully pressed. This ensure that the tie have an absolutely beautiful look when it is hanging on your chest.

The self-loop and label

The loop is intended to hold the tail of the tie. We always use the same material for the shell and the loop – this makes a great finish for tie. All Carlo A ties are attached with a label with of our brand name and the style name. We always use typical old Scandinavian men’s names for our ties as all our ties has its own personality and design history.

Double bar tack and stitching

The black double bar tack is one of our signatures. We always use a double bar tag with a very high quality to ensure an even better shape of the tie. The double bar tack is two heavy stitches that hold the two sides of the tie together. We always use a special handmade twisted thread for all bar tags. The slip stitch is the hidden single thread holding the two overlapping sides of the tie together. This handmade stitching is running in the entire length along the back of the tie and gives the tie more flexibility. It is important that this thread is neither too tight nor too loose. Is it too tight will tie crease and the thread can easily break when you tie the knot. Is the thread too loose will tie be deformed. Normally our neckties are constructed from two separate pieces that are sawn together. The seam you will usually find about halfway along the length of the tie – this seam should not be visible when you have tied your knot.

The Tipping And Margin/Hem

Tipping is the material used to finish the backside of the tie’s end. We always use a black silk matching all color. The tipping is decorated with the words “A GENT OF INTEGRITY”. The margin is the distance from the edge of the tie to the tipping. The hem is the finishing stitch that connects the shell to the tipping. Together these ensure a nice and soft rounded finish of the edge which makes the tie looks perfect.