The story of Carlo A

Carlo A is named after a very well-known old tailor from Copnehagen. For some he might be unknown, but for us who knows his story, admires his moral and will to work hard even in tough times.

As a child Carlo was working in his parents’ tailor shop in Copenhagen, where his mother entrusted him to stitch pockets and buttons for their loyal customers. Already then it was obvious that Carlo had an eye for details and quality. This was the beginning of a long and impressive career.

As a young man Carlo became an apprentice at one of Copenhagen's best tailors, and by the age of 23 he had served his time and was ready to embrace the world. For the next 10 years, he traveled around the world and worked several years in France and Italy. Carlo eventually returned to Copenhagen in the late 1930´s, shortly before the Second World War. Carlo quickly got a job in one of the city's most prestigious fashion houses, but only a few years after he decided to start his own business with his own fashion designs. Many professionals, at that time, did not believe that he would be able to create a profitable business in an era of shortages due to the war. Anyway, Carlo believed in himself, and soon his designs were on sale in the city's finest fashion magazines.

Carlo had a dream of becoming independent and he constantly wanted to improve himself and not take anything for granted. This was one of the main reasons for his success. He believed that every man with ambitions had the opportunity to achieve great success. All it takes is that you have the courage to follow your dreams.

One day a young man entered the tailor shop. He was looking for a nice suit, shirt and a tie so he could look at his very best as he were about to close an important deal. This young feller was not the typical kind of customer, but Carlo quickly sensed that he was a guy with big ambitions – just like himself at that age. Carlo remembered his old master, and how he gave Carlo a lot of credit because he believed in his skills and wanted to invest in his future. Carlo did the same with the young man – he sold him the clothes much cheaper than he would normally charge and hereby invested in his future. That day was a turning point for Carlo and his business. He would no longer sell quality tailoring to middle aged people, but instead focus on giving something back to young and ambitious people of the future.

The story of Carlo A is told by one of the founder’s great grandfather, who had the pleasure of meeting Carlo. But the story could as well have been told by you – an ambitious man of integrity striving to make it and doing whatever it takes. A legacy that keeps living on in the spirit of Carlo A.