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SS16 Collection

Inspired by an urban look with references to the natural elements, has the Carlo A Spring and Summer collection a strong global and multifunctional expression. The expression is created with the usual references to the sports world, but in this collection are these combined with a reinterpretation of the military and navy look.

Essential and traditional patterns from the military look, has together with the a technological and energetic expression, made the collection authentic and sophisticated.

The colors of the collection are also inspired by trends of the season, but still in the spirit of Carlo A. The main colors of the collection are classical blue and amazon green, which creates a fresher expression than the typical military green colors, which also are trendsetting this season. With the interaction of violet tones are these classics given a modern twist, so they are perfectly suited to the sunny days and warm nights. The diagonal stripes, breaks the norm with the opposite stripes, which completes the collection with first-mover vibes.

The colors are held strong, though toned down, which makes the ties easy to style and fits perfectly to the season. You can put the ties together with your standard spring/summer wardrobe and at once, you can create a very personal and trendy look.