We believe that small things make a difference – the essence of good style depends on the various details you see. The perfect tie completes your look to perfection. A man with a tie exudes confidence, courage and elegance.

Choose your favorite tie knot

Any gentleman should master the art of tying a Carlo A tie to perfection. There are many ways to tie your tie. Below we have summed-up some of the most popular knots today. 

Learn to tie a four-in-hand knot

Worth to know

  • Your tie should be about 150 cm / 59 inches long
  • It is important that you cannot see the tie in the neck of the shirt collar
  • Do not reuse your tie knot from day to day – always tie it up. By doing so your tie will last much longer.
  • Never wash your tie with water
  • Iron / steam only your tie on the back. By doing so your tie will look fresh and new longer
  • Be careful not to tighten the knot too much. A tie, which is flat on the sides, is not elegant