The new app KAPPTURE: A picture speaks a thousand words
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What do you do if you see something that you want to remember, it could be in a shop or while you are surfing on the internet? Most people take a picture of the item on their mobile. Afterwards the picture mostly disappears among thousands of other images. The new App KAPPTURE will change this - so the images are stored and categorized with information about the product, place, etc. We have talked with Kasper Heibøll, who is the man behind this new app with sky high ambitions to revolutionize the existing camera roll function. The entrepreneur Kasper has some start-ups under his wings - and has already experienced the ups and downs, which belongs to those who have a true entrepreneurial soul.

A true and motivated entrepreneur

During the interview with Kasper we quickly sense that he has a real entrepreneurial spirit. Despite his relatively young age, Kasper has already great entrepreneurial experience from concert organizer to Café-owner - and the latest app developer. There is no doubt, Kasper is an highly ambitious person, who besides being an true entrepreneur also has a great passion for extreme sports - and in general the will to develop and challenge himself. Kasper has always been working hard and fighting to reach the finish line and KAPPTURE is an excellent example of that. The new photo app goes another away then the traditional camera mode and is challenging the existing function with a completely new and innovative way of thinking:

» According to our research we often take a picture with our mobile, if we see something that we want to remember. This image is stocked between all other sorts of images and disappears. We will change this with KAPPTURE. So the flow we know today with the traditional camera roll, will change totally, so that we with KAPPTURE are going to categorize the pictures as soon as they are taken. This will make sure that you can find the images in a matter of seconds when you want to show them to others - even if you took the pictures two months ago. Similarly, you can add notes to an image such as location tag, URLs and possibly price. Additionally, you avoid annoying notifications that you run out of storage on your mobile because KAPPTURE stores in a cloud. So once for all I want to challenge the traditional camera roll on the mobile. It sounds like an impossible task, but it is what really motivates me the most.

Motivation and drive

If we ask Kaspers colleagues and partners how they see him, he is sure that they see him as a partner that never gives up and does everything to achieve the goal - even though you sometimes must change the objectives. Besides being hardworking and practice extreme sports, Kasper has also a soft side, and prioritize the family extremely high. This is very much a motivating factor for him.

» My children, they are the greatest gift I have been given and they make me want to be the best version of myself every single day. One of the most important things for me is to be present both to my family, friends and people around me. So this is also highly prioritized.

From idea to reality

Kasper had gone with the idea for quite some time and although he was convinced about the concept's potential, it took a while before he really knew he was on the right track. The final epiphany came when he got three Co-founders on board on KAPPTURE and that changed everything:

» It all really started when I got the three co-founders, which was some I could only dream of. One is the CTO in a large e-commerce platform in London, another is a former client director at a large media agency and now a partner in an advertising agency and the last is Nordic responsible in a mobile-tech company. So I got skills, insights and knowledge that was far above my own level in their respective fields. (…) But it has also been fun to see KAPPTURE be downloaded across 56 countries, and over 40 states in the US. It was very educational to be offered to be with Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley in the spring, where I met with some of the world's leading private equity funds and accelerators.

Although it is difficult to say when the developing of the concept finally took place, Kasper has no doubt that the sum of this journey has given an indication that they really are on to something really big. It is an exciting product and highly demanded in this technological age.


KAPPTURE is ready to conquer

After a lot of strong impressions and experiences in addition to the first launch - and the trip to Silicon Valley with Innovation Center Denmark, there has been a lot to digest before the next strategic move are being pulled. It is not a secret for Kasper that it has been an educational journey with ups and downs - and hopefully next step will puts KAPPTURE on the world map.

» It has been a wild journey so far. There are lots of things that have succeeded and things that did not succeed. Accept that is in my opinion, the key to achieving the future goals. We are focused on reaching 12 mio. users within 3 years - there is a long way yet, but I think we will get there. We are starting to make an updated version that is much better than the first version. We used the first version to test the concept - now we are almost ready to launch a new improved version.

The upcoming re-launch is based on the many learnings and experiences from the first version, which Kasper and KAPPTURE have experienced good and bad with the first launch of the app. One of the bullet points for Kasper and the team has been to tailor the product even more by the needs of potential users, so KAPPTURE seriously can compete with the traditional camera roll:

» Now we are focusing even more to be a better alternative to the traditional camera roll. If you are taking a lot of pictures and share them on social media, we will come with a feature, which I am convinced that you will is pretty cool and totally new. I am looking forward the next launch and I cannot wait.

Kasper also reveal that KAPPTURE at the moment are talking to a British company. The British company has over the last years invested a three-digit-million amount in a new and promising technology, which we now are discussing the possibilities for a merge of their technology with KAPPTURE. Kasper cannot comment much on this at the moment, but it appears to succeed and the time will tell what will happen. This will undoubtedly pave the way for something big.

Fashion, ties – and Carlo A

Fashion and the fashion world is a big part of KAPPTURE's communication strategy and a crucial segment where a large part of the potential users are. Also as a private person, Kasper are looking into fashion and is also always trying to dress up respectably.

» My biggest "fetish" over the past years has in generally been shoes and jackets. Those are things I would like to pay a little extra for to get something nice. Because exactly those two things can pep up everything in my optics. I'm not super popular at home because I like to have my shoes on a display so I remember using them and I have probably about 30 couples. If I think back over the last few years, I have had my "phases" I would call it. The past has been characterized by I had set on the same color as shoes, pants, sweater s/ shirts and jacket of the same color in blue, green, burgundy or similar end. I also had a half a year, where I used ties every day from Monday to Friday without exception. I see the function of the tie like shoes and jackets - it can lift the entire look.

For Kasper it is not a secret that he likes to go with a tie - and means this will improve the general visual term. He also hope that the tie won even more ground in the business environment once again - which is why he seems Carlo A's mission is good and refreshing.

» Ties are super good style. I think I will it into consideration - and once again have a phase with ties. It have just been casual to let the shirt is open without a tie - but I actually think it is therefore even cooler to bring the tie back.

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The sharp 6

1) What are the ambitions for the future – where is KAPPTURE in 5 years?

» If I can look back in about five years, we have achieved a growth rate from week to week throughout the period on selected metrics and then I will be insanely proud. We have a goal of 200 million. users, but the weekly growth is the primary and the path to the goal.

2) What is the next big project for you?

» The next launch of KAPPTURE is incredibly important. Private I love to challenge myself through sports, so next summer I will ride Stelvio (Road Cycling Race) which I had to cancel this year.

3) What is your best advice about starting up a business?

» If you do it to get rich, remember you usually becomes extremely poor first, which you have to be willing to go through. So prepare yourself for many evenings with oatmeal for dinner. Likewise, I have been very conscious of that faith and doubt and it always goes hand in hand. You need to make sure that faith must be stronger than the doubt through the process. You have to think globally. So find the right co-founders, like someone who know more than you. Get made proof-of-concept and leap into it. Do not wait for everything is perfect - get your idea out and live and gather some experience. Do not be afraid to share your idea with others, there are no two thoughts are the same anyway, so get some sparring with someone you think can give you some feedback. Have a goal and make a plan, write things down so you have something to work from. If you sit with a good idea and want sparring and believe I can help, please do not hesitate to contact me via my website

4) Which limitation can there be in creating your own career?

» If you remember to be a "whole person", so I do not see a real risk of creating a career. I like people with "drive". Take care of your family and friends- and have fun. Do something for others and yourself. So it should work all together.

5) Do you have a motto?

» I have had a period of 3.5 years where I have been a part extreme sports thing. Over the years, every time I fall back on following the way "The only way out is to cross the finish line." That way I have always visualized myself crossing the finish line, even when it has been extremely painful. In 2015 I crossed something called Lysefjorden that is 500meter deep, which was a swim of about 1 hour in around 10-11 degree cold water - there I was in so much trouble that I boiled it down to "do not quit", and in tough times it becomes "do not fucking quit", and it was just before agony occurred incidentally. Great people like Muhammad Ali said it - and I believe in it whether it is sports or running a start-up company.

6) Which book is on your bedside table?

» Hooked written by Nir Eyal and Pitch Anything for Oren Klaff, these are books I return to often and just reread a chapter.

Blue Book - Kasper Heibøll

Age: 35 years old

Civil status: family with 2 kids

Residens: København  

Education: HHX and Mini-MBA


- Founder & CEO - KAPPTURE
- At the moment Kasper is working alongside KAPPTURE as a partner in P1Management. P1Management makes events where companies have the opportunity to send their business relationships behind the wheel of one of their cars like the Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Performante and Superleggera, McLaren MP4, Porsche 997 Turbo and Audi R8.
- Consultant at various companies: The Voice, NOVA FM, Radio100
- Entrepreneur and owner of an event and communications agency, concert organizer and a café owner.

Product description

Karl is a modern and sophisticated tie in a classic colors. The green color combined with navy blue lines makes it go well with a casual shirt – and even better with an elegant suit. The design is truely timeless and holds both modern and classic dimensions. The tie is woven with a discreet Carlo A logo on the front. We hope you see, feel and wear this tie with integrity and good style. We truly believe this is a must for your wardrobe this summer.

Product information

  • Color: Green, navy blue
  • Fabric: 100% pure silk
  • Handmade
  • Double bar tack
  • Silk loop


  • Width: 6.0 cm / 2.4 inches
  • Length: 150 cm / 59 inches

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