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With a wide variety of communicative tasks and a resume, that counts titles as editorial director and editor in chief, the experienced journalist and writer Nicolai Klingenberg has tried a lot in his career. He launched the blog My-Pleasure.dk and the entrepreneur has really made ​​himself a well-known name with growing interest in his many initiatives

The pen is the weapon

For some people, a simple essay in the elementary school seems to be a big and unmanageable task that will never end. For those who like to write, it is rather a relief to be able to use words and language to express themselves. The ambitious journalist, writer and blogger Nicolai Klingenberg is one of those who are particularly adept and skilled within words.

With a special style of writing, where he often are praised for his ability to combine the journalistic approach while he at the same time are delivering commercial messages, he has since his first article appeared in 1996, written about everything from men's magazines to other stories about " la dolce vita".

Lifestyle Blog for connoisseurs

Printed media has suffered a clearly loss of the market share after the Internet emerged around 2000. This was also, what Nicolai experienced and more and more of his colleagues became freelancers because many printed and mainstream media closed down. Low budgets in the remaining media did that life as a journalist was challenging. Nicolai began to rethink his opportunities and took the plunge into a new life as an independent. In 2009 he started the blog My-Pleasure.dk which however had been underway for some time.

I was often traveling through my work as editor of a printed magazine, and when I was traveling, I came across small places or got small tips without relevance for my business trip or the article I was going to write. However, I would not let the story go to waste, so I took a few photos and wrote some lines, which later were published on My-Pleasure.dk.

In the beginning, it was just a small hobby project before it became the livelihood for Nicolai Klingenberg. My-Pleasure.dkhave an increasing number of new readers and followers - especially men aged over 25 years old, who gets a glimpse of their dream world or other who get inspiration to buy the stuff. With his detailed and humorous writing, he gives a good insight into how life can be with expensive cars, big dinners and extravagant locations in a life that is described as being for connoisseurs. However, everything is served at eye level and seasoned with weekly "crooked shots", which can be anything from an industrial building to a bottle of champagne or even a smooth herring sandwich.

However, there are also other sides of Nicolai Klingenberg and My-Pleasure.dk,which Carlo A found interesting. In addition to writing about the luxurious and extravagant life, he is also able to write about topics that are more mundane and help new entrepreneurs. Periodically, he gives a little shine to aspiring entrepreneurs, but for Nicolai's case, it is more than just a friendly gesture behind these reports:

It is because it is good stories. When an established company sends news on the street it is typically just a new collection, but when young entrepreneurs engages in something from scratch, where they risk it all, I really want to help them on their way. There is typically a good story behind the business, but it is also because I am an entrepreneur myself and know what a helping hand - and pen - can do.

Nothing comes without hard work

As an independent, Nicolai has learn from his experience that nothing comes by itself - it requires hard work to get forward in an industry where there are many who try themselves as a blogger.

I became independent in 2007 - in 2009 My-Pleasure.dk where launched. I have learned that no matter how well you are prepared it is never enough. When I opened my own business, I had agreements with three customers in advance. But at the very first day one of them was bankrupt, the other hired a full-time journalist and the third could only offer a monthly budget of 10,000 DKK. It just was not what I had expected, but anyway the month went extraordinarily well.

Increasing competition in the market requires an innovative approach to proceed with the influx of new readers and this has been the reason for a number of new initiatives the recent years.

I have held numerous events for the readers, I have helped entrepreneurs, I have published a book, I have started a baton for photographers, I have created a variety of videos and helped some good people to success.

Life is more than just material goods

A work with many dinners and various happeningsattracts undoubtedly a wide range of readers, but it was actually in 2014, when Nicolai bared his own privacy and told about his illness that he made ​​his most read story ever.

In 2014, I wrote about my illness. I was operated quite seriously in one of my legs because of cancer and it was very hard for me. Primarily physically, but of course also psychologically. One year later I had no problems and where back on my feet, I wrote about the process, my fears and my thoughts. The story was shared and affecting over 300,000 people.

The clothes are not enough

Nicolai Klingenberg appears always well dressed, but fashion does not actually mean the world to him - and a T-shirt and cardigan can be as good as a suit and tie. However, he acknowledges that it is the occasion, which determines the wearing. He believes style and fashion must be followed up with more than just a garment.

I think Carlo A’s mission is great! However, it is rarely only a tie to make it. A straight back and firm handshake gives at least as much with - and adding a tie you are even better off. 


What are the ambitions for the future – where is My-Pleasure.dk in 5 years?

I will continue with what I am doing now, but would also like to make more videos. Maybe an apprentice to help me, if anybody knows one, smiles Nicolai. An additional book release could also be tempting. Perhaps also some lectures or a physical store.  

What is the next big project for you?

I am going to be a father in April. That I am really looking forward to. That is the biggest. No doubt about that.

What is your best business advice?

You cannot plan your way to success. Just do it and cut the cost from the beginning. It is not the designer desk or an expensive location, which gives you the customers. It is your competences, and your ideas.

What are the hardest privations in relation to a career?

You cannot always be 100% safe. That I thought, but instead it turned out to be a series of bad sequences, but finally ended up with a turnover, which was the double than budgeted. All this happened within the same month.  

Do you have a motto?

"Not really, but there is one thing that I have heard many times:”Nothing comes out of nothing, except fluff”. .

What book is on your bedside table?

"You are going to be a father, and you have 40 weeks to get it."


Name: Nicolai Klingenberg

Age: 37 years old

Residence: Copenhagen V


- 1998: Business education from Niels Brock and trainee at Societe Generale, London.
- 1997: Lingual student from Gl. Hellerup Gymnasium


- 2009: Self-employed with the launch of My-Pleasure.dk
- 2007: Self-employed and freelance journalist for eg. Bolig Eksklusiv, Aller, Børsen, Berlingske, Euroman and meanwhile working with text and communication jobs.
- 2005-2007: Chief sub-editor at Bolig Eksklusiv, followed by the job as Chief Editor.
- 2002: Job as secretary of editing and Chief Editor at Aller with focus on youth media.
- 2000: Journalist at the man magazin Slitz, and start-up at RUC.
- 1999: Text and reception novice at an advertising agency.

Read more about on www.my-pleasure.dk

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