When the tie binds people together
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There has been a shift in the market. Previously, it was enough to sell good and rational products and solutions, including having sharp prices and good quality and customer service. Present and future consumers will increasingly expect more than this - they will have a good experience and a good story. Should a company and a brand stand out, you must talk to the customer's heart and feeling and this is where storytelling comes into the picture.

There are many ways to create a good story, but in general the good story is created when people work together to dedicate themselves to a larger goal. As an upcoming brand, has Carlo A already delivered the message out to many people, not least helped along by those who want to support our TieRevolution. The interest surrounding this have been surprisingly large, and particularly the business world is ready for a fashion-related make-over.

Monday, June 8th, the absolute connoisseur, Nicolai Klingenberg, told this story in an article about Carlo A on his blog "My-Pleasure". He starts the article as follows: "Today it is about nothing less than a revolution. This is not about abolishing the private right to property, but instead to strike a blow for the old virtues of dressing, and in this case dressing up with a tie".

Nicolai Klingenberg has since 2009, been running the blog www.my-pleasure.dk where he shares his vast knowledge of everything from travel, cars, watches, great wines and indeed everything in between. He gives you a treat for la dolce vita, or in English, the sweet life. For the real bon vivant, My Pleasure is a must-read blog. The blog is not entirely a portrayal of the "fast" and exclusive life, but Nicolai also has a strong focus on upcoming brands that are involved in setting the trends of tomorrow. This fits very well into the DNA of Carlo A.

If you do not already know about the My Pleasure, then it is undoubtedly worth a visit. You can also follow the blog on Facebook, so there is no real excuse not to keep updated.

The article, My-Pleasure wrote about Carlo A, can be found here:


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