The new app KAPPTURE: A picture speaks a thousand words
 Gent of the month   February 1, 2017 at 11:43 am
What do you do if you see something that you want to remember, it could be in a shop or while you are surfing on the internet? Most people take a picture of the item on their mobile. Afterwards the picture mostly disappears among thousands of other images. The new App KAPPTURE will change this - so the images are stored and categorized with information about the product, place, etc. We have talked with Kasper Heibøll, who is the man behind...
Mads Paaskesen – Anyone can become an entrepreneur
 Gent of the month   November 29, 2016 at 7:40 pm
The dream job was a career as a consultant at McKinsey, but the passion was somewhere entirely else - namely entrepreneurship. With a DKK 8,000 investment he established his first business and the following year it had a turnover of DKK 1,500,000. With an expert knowledge in social media marketing, came one day a sudden unexpected call from none other than Facebook. Meet 22-year-old Mads Paaskesen, co-founder of the successful company PL &...
Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen: "My future is not set in stone"
 Gent of the month   October 17, 2016 at 2:39 pm
The thought of having to sell all your possessions to start a new project without a safety net can for the vast majority seem a daunting task. It was nonetheless what Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen did when he back in 2014 founded the watch brand About Vintage with his partner Sebastian Skov. A leap into the unknown, but has since proved to turn out fruitful. Today the company is ready to take the next big leap. Unpredictability and... owner: ”My personal life is irrelevant – I do what is best for the company”
 Gent of the month   July 22, 2016 at 5:16 pm
There are only few, who can go from 10th grade to start on a MBA at Henley Business School, buying and selling companies, and associate your company with Lars Seier Christensen and Casper Christiensen by the age of 27. Mathematically it is a complex equation, which can take the breath away of nearly everybody, but the intermediate result can be found in Mathias Lundø Nielsen. One of the biggest eCommerce talents in Denmark, who has bet...
A Dane in Los Angeles
 Gent of the month   May 12, 2016 at 5:39 pm
A life in Beverly Hills is for most people seen as life in luxury with fast cars, beautiful women and tons of A-list celeb-stars. This is in fact not far from reality, but how does a Danish man like Jannik Olander suddenly end up in Beverly Hills, where he in no time have established him-self a huge brand in the jewelry industry? We sat down and talked with the Dane, who has been able to make it big over there. Some time ago, when...
How to become a successful entrepreneur
 News   May 6, 2016 at 4:30 pm
Is entrepreneurship one of your biggest dreams? Our ‘Gent of the Month’ Steffen Hedebrandt gives you great advise and takes you into the world of entrepreneurship. Only few people think about how time-consuming and life changing it really is to become an entrepreneur. You will say goodbye to a ‘safe’ everyday-life and find yourself in an unknown world. So, what happens when you say goodbye to everything you know and welcome...
Entrepreneur: ”Do not forget to catch the bullet”
 Gent of the month   April 11, 2016 at 9:00 pm
Our Gent of the Month is Steffen Hedebrandt, who has great experiences from the business life though he is still very young. He has already engaged in entrepreneurship, worked as a counselor and a speaker. Today, Steffen Hedebrandt works as Marketing Director at Airtame that produces wireless HDMI solutions to several companies. Furthermore, he has a blog at Dagbladet Børsen, where he blogs about IT, innovation, entrepreneurship, economy and...
A connoisseur at eye level
 Gent of the month   January 20, 2016 at 5:18 pm
With a wide variety of communicative tasks and a resume, that counts titles as editorial director and editor in chief, the experienced journalist and writer Nicolai Klingenberg has tried a lot in his career. He launched the blog and the entrepreneur has really made ​​himself a well-known name with growing interest in his many initiatives The pen is the weapon For some people, a simple essay in the elementary...
”It is all about finding the right place in life”
 Gent of the month   December 5, 2015 at 12:26 pm
Morten Bo Madsen has already – though he is only 30 years old – reached many milestones in his short career. He has now found his dream job after having worked different places. With the title as Communication and Marketing Director at Jensen’s Bøfhus, the biggest chain of steakhouses in Denmark, the job gives him a lot of exciting challenges. The company has a yearly turnover of 800-900 million DKK, has over 2.000 employees and last year the...
Steen Lund - An alternative way to success
 Gent of the month   November 5, 2015 at 7:31 pm
Steen Lund is known from the Danish television program "Dancing with the Stars", and previously he has danced into the hearts of the Danish people together with Vicki Berlin, Kaya Brüel , Sisse Fisker and especially Christina Roslyng, when they won the show back in 2006. However, the 46-year-old Dane is so much more than a wonderful dancer.  Today Steen Lund works as a sales manager at LEGO Education, where he holds the position as Head...
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