Brand new designs from the famous Poul Henningsen
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Almost 50 years after the death of Poul Henningsen, brand new designs from one of Denmark 's greatest designers are introduced. Although he is best known for his extraordinary lamps, he also drew a lot of amazing furniture. These are now seeing the light of day through the Danish company PH Furniture. We have met Mads Bøje, CEO and front figure for the ambitious undertaking, for a chat about the hunt for the forgotten Poul Henningsen furniture and the start-up of PH Furniture.

Treasure hunt behind the new PH furniture

About 2 years ago, the men behind PH Furniture got a hint about some old drawings probably was tucked away on an Old Danish art library. An Indiana Jones treasure hunt started with the purpose of finding the unknown drawings from famous Danish designer Poul Henningsen. The great treasure hunt was a success and in fact, they found a true art treasure at the Art Library's archive in Copenhagen - some unknown designs from Poul Henningsen was now found. The ancient drawings contained sketches of a series of furniture in both wood and steel. This opportunity actually opened a new world and made it possible to start a whole new business and this resulted in an unveiling of the PH Furniture. Right now PH Furniture is in high demand, as they have awakened the old sketches to life and also launched the first part of a series of exclusive furniture.

The idea came when we found the drawings and afterwards got the rights to set the furniture in production - an opportunity we could not let go by. If you had the opportunity to work with a name like Poul Henningsen and start the production of furniture designed for 80-90 years ago – I guess your answer will be YES?

The ambitions are crystal clear

Right from the start PH Furniture has gone all-in on the production of new furniture in the belief that it will be a success and a part of the world-renowned Danish furniture classics. The design company TobeArt Interior owns the rights to produce the PH furniture which exclusively will be produced in Denmark. Similarly, PH Furniture has opened a PH Flagship Store in the middle of Copenhagen, which acts as a showroom for the brand new furniture.

The objective is clear - PH Furniture wants to become one of the world 's leading furniture brands. Today the first six prototypes just finished production, our agents are in the field with lookbooks, and we are launching our webshop this December. There is only one way forward, and it's all about hard work.

Entrepreneurship to the fingertips

Generally, the drive of Mads Bøje has always been the desire to create something new and get things to grow. Despite an increasingly young age, 31 years, Mads has already been more or less involved in a number of ​​larger projects. Some of them with great success, and some with less, but in overall he got the ability to get back on its feet and work hard. This is something which has always been a synonym for his career, which probably also will be attributed to his way of accessing new tasks. Mads describes the passion as being the most important in order to be able to establish a business and create results. In addition, the willingness to run fast, work hard and not least the desire to win is a good recipe for success. That he even is being described as a true gentleman who is humorous and affectionate, especially if you ask his mother, does not make it less boring to be in the company with entrepreneur Mads Bøje.

Passion for style and fashion

Besides design and entrepreneurship, Mads Bøje has always had a great interest in style and fashion - and sees it as an important part of both his private and professional life. This was especially expressed when he in 2012 was nominated as Denmark's best dressed man in the Danish magazine Euroman. Generally, fashion has a really big impact on him.

It means a lot to me. More than I might have thought from the start and even expected. But now when the question come , it leads me to reflect on how much time I actually spend on shopping clothes, make sure that it is sent to the tailor and not least the time I spend on various sources of inspiration, blogs etc. I rarely go out the door without being prepared to meet a potential customer or partner.

There is a need for a tie revolution

Mads are thinking that Carlo A's mission about bringing the tie back to business is a welcoming and inspiring element in today's business.

I think it's great that the tie hopefully is on the way back. I have been living in London where the tie has always been a part of business and it have probably had a little impact on me - I usually wear a tie to my business meetings.


What are the ambitions for the future - where are PH Funiture in 5 years?

The ambitions are high, but you have to crawl before you can walk. In five years we are among the leading Danish furniture brands and we are internationally known for our furniture with intriguing PH lamps and his timeless design, which never compromising with the quality.

What is the next big project for you / PH Furniture?

We are about to develop a limited edition chair and a limited edition sofa designed by Poul Henningsen.

What is your best advice to someone how want to start a business?

You must never do anything half.

What is the biggest risk you have to take, when you want to have a career?

That you forget to live in the moment.

Do you have a motto?

What father does is always right. (Laughing)

What book is on your bedside table?

Guldfulgen. A Danish book about a former motorcycle gang member and his way out of the environment.


Name: Mads Bøje

Age: 31 years

Residence: Residents of Copenhagen

Education: Business College

Career: Key Account Manager (Konica Minolta, Sharp and I2I), General Manager (Zen, A Porta and Toldboden), International Sales (Arting A/S)

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